Posted on June 19, 2017

Books read, reflections done, stories published. Common focus? Has caught my interest and may catch yours.

I am a book worm.  Travelling mainly in Europe and the US I very often end up in the main book stores, browsing especially the non-fiction shelves for accounts on new trends in contemporary culture, media, history and politics.  I often end up with 3-4 books which have triggered my curiosity.  Sometimes they disappoint me.  But often they inspire associations in relation to my other past and present activities - like meditation, man-in-nature, media and more.  

Will there be a clear focus for the content?  Yes!  It will always be about books, events and themes which have caught my interest, and whch - hopefully - may be interesting to others as well.  

Here I will publish stories created on this basis, and you are welcome to share your comments.