HOMO DEUS - A Brief History of Tomorrow (2016)

Posted on June 18, 2017

This book covers so many surprising perspectives on the history of Mankind that it is hard to leave before the end

Well, this book is not so brief - more than 500 pages.  But then it cover the very history of the human species from the very beginning and into the next century.


The author, Yuval Noah Harari, is an Israeli history professor at the Hewbrew University in Jerusalem.  He has previously published ”Sapiens - a brief history of humankind”, which is translated to 30 languages and has made him an international celebrity.  He grew up in a secular Jewish family in Haifa.  Today he is a homosexual, active practitioneer of Vipassana meditation and a Vegan.


”Homo Deus” is really a story of ”The Rise and Fall of the Human Race”.  It is accordingly divided in three plarts: Homo Sapiens Conquers the World, Homo Sapiens Gives Meaning to the World and Homo Sapiens Loses Control. 


In the first part humankind develops - by means of language, writing, money and organising skills - from being just an animal among the animals to become the ruler of the earth. 


The second part tells the story about how God became irrelevant in the ascent of the Humanist Religion: ”Believe in yourself”. 


And the third part looks into the future century where a few superhumans are needed to build ”the internet of all things”, but the rest of us are becoming increasingly redundant and will gradually be replaced by robots.  As economically useless standard humans we are facing the threat of being treated by the superhumans in the same way as humans have treated animals up through history: annihilation of wild animals and tormenting of domesticated animals.