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Posted on July 31, 2016

I am a Norwegian travelling journalist, author, lecturer and initiator in Acem-meditation. Four careers in NRK, a fifth on my own.

During the last decades I have had four quite different careers within Norway’s public broadcaster NRK.  

1980ies: Culture journalist, literary critic and editor of arts departments in NRK radio.

1990ies: Internet strategist and head of NRK’s internet department in the pioneer years.

2000ies: Advisor and lobbyist for digital television and radio in Norway

2010ies: Co-founder and manager of Radiodays Europe, the world’s largest conference for radio professionals with 1600 participants from 60 countries.

Now - in 2016 - I have just started on my own with a fifth career.  Or - rather - I am converting what used to be my spare time activities into something I will now be doing on full time:

- Travelling, writing and sharing. - Travelling the world, giving courses in Acem Meditation.  I learnt this non-mystical and evidence-based meditation method back in the 1970ies and have practiced and taught it to others ever since.  During its 50 years of existence the initially Norwegian organisation Acem have expanded to 20 countries.  I intend to visit many of them, but at first primarily USA and Germany.

- Reflecting, lecturing and writing about man’s relation to nature.  In the 1990ies I published two books about how the Norwegian feeling for nature developed in the 20th century.  With the present threat for global warming the theme has become ever more urgent.  Today we really need to listen to the voice of nature - on our planet and in ourselves - to find a new balance and sustainable growth.  I am also editor of the Norwegian cultural magazine Dyade where my most recent theme issue was "German Tears - war traumas in meditation".  Also published in GermanMeeting about this issue in Cologne, Germany, May 2017.     

- Reading and sharing thoughts about books, films, people and internet links worth knowing.  I have always been a engaged reader, searching bookstores in different countries for the interesting thoughts to share on my blog.